The mezzo-soprano Marta Knörr is a versatile singer who performs in the interpretation of the most varied genres and musical styles. Graduated with honors, she completed her artistic training in Vienna where she developed a great interest in concert song. Later, she completed a Master’s Degree in Psychology for Musicians as well as Artistic Coaching studies.

Outstanding concert singer, chamber musician, as well as performer, there have been numerous opera productions in which she has taken part, interpreting a varied repertoire from Baroque to modern day music.

As a soloist she has performed in the most important Spanish as well as European concert halls and festivals, with such prestigious groups as Koan 2, Cuarteto Bretón, Trío Arbós, Ensemble Banksia, Grupo Enigma, Ensemble Arcema, Klangforum Wien, Orquesta Madrid Barroco, Gohai Ensemble and the Cavatina Vocal Quartet. There are numerous RNE recordings as well as discography with different reference musicians. She has sung under the baton of conductors such as Juan José Mena, J.R. Encinar, J.J Olives, Grover Wilkins, Maximiliano Valdés, Pedro Halffter, Paolo Olmi, Alfonso Martín, Julièn Guinebaut among others. She has made various recordings for Radio Clásica and has given numerous recitals in Spain, Austria, Germany, Norway, France, Italy, Sweden, Mexico, and Morocco.

Very interested in the music of our time, she stars in numerous world premieres. Since its creation, she has formed part of the interdisciplinary project “EPOS Lab” since its creation. Her discography includes the CDs “Songs of the Madrid Group”, “Twentieth century Spanish composers” and an album with the Cavatina Vocal Quartet. On the Italian label Stradivarius, she has recorded the “Altarpiece” on texts by Paul Klee by Benet Casablancas. She has participated together with the Arbós Trio in the recording of a monograph of works by the composer Alejandro Román for the Naxos label. In the  CD monograph of the composer Alberto Arroyo published by the magazine Sibila, she participates in her work ” (…) a persecution in the shade “.

Currently she combines her artistic activity with extensive vocal education work with all kinds of voice professionals

  • Marta Knörr has a versatile voice that brings great realism to her performances due to her mastery of the use of nuances and the fluctuation between the spoken and sung voice typical of "Music hall". Iván Román (Oviedo. La Nueva España)
  • Mata Knörr has a voice with innate dramatic qualities that she knows how to care for and adapt to each repertoire. Iván Román (Oviedo. La Nueva España)
  • The surprise of the night: the mezzo Marta Knörr successfully jumped into the pool and thus becomes a specialist in this complex work (Pierrot Lunaire) for which so few Spanish singers have dared. Jorge Fdez. Guerra (Madrid. Doce Notas).
  • Marta Knörr , one of the most qualified Spanish mezzo-sopranos without a doubt, always demanding her art. Ricardo Hontañón (Santander. El Diario Montañés).


Spanish Female Composers of The 20th Century
Cavatina Vocal Quartet

Lyrical Recital

Songs from the Madrid Group



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